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Wu [ 1995 ]  / 武则天【1995】

Wu [ 1995 ] / 武则天【1995】

Actors:Liu / Baoguo / Li group / Shuang Zheng /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:1995 Updated:2017-03-07 08:56:54 

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Story about: Wu [ 1995 ] / 武则天【1995】
    Chinese TV < Wu [ 1995 ] / 武则天【1995】 >
    Stars:Liu / Baoguo / Li group / Shuang Zheng /
    Storyline: past a lengthy cover a woman twists and turns of the feelings experienced
    Years of the long untold life performance of a Queen by Tianwei
    The Zhenguan fifteen years, autumn , Wu Mei Niang for the first time by the Emperor " concubine " . The ... innocent girl into a woman overnight , and has since suffered the ruthless and brutal of the court life , and several survived . Taizong 's death, Wu Mei Niang was thrown into the Temple of a sense of industry , suffered abuse . After the palace in the pregnancy to be Gojong then again by the maid as before , Zhao Yi . In a series of court struggle , she personally strangled daughter framed Empress Wang , defeated prime minister Sun loudly , and finally to become Queen . Interdependence and King Gojong and hate to love Cross , and her own excellent political skills gradually come to understand the real power , until the invisible hand . But as a woman she has been a courtier and her husband , the son of the fierce attack . Gojong 's death, she is alone , the deposed Prince , appointment Ruthless , bloody repression , to Datang world into the Wu Zhoudi country , unprecedented Empress . She Although the monarchs of the sky , but unfortunately getting into Laojing , unable to entertain the inner depths of extreme loneliness and emptiness, all day sensual indulgence ; the same time deliberately for the heir to the throne , and finally had to Wu Zhou world ceded son again restored the Li dynasty , the end of her hardships, bizarre , brilliant and painful life ....
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