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Nirvana in Fire / 琅邪榜 / 琅琊榜

Nirvana in Fire / 琅邪榜 / 琅琊榜

Actors:Hu Ge / Liu Tao / Wang Kai / Chen Long / Victor Huang / Jin Dong / Gao Xin / Zhang Yanyan / Zhang Lingxin / Wang Ou / Zhou Qiqi / Wu Lei /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2017-02-08 16:17:51 

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Story about: Nirvana in Fire / 琅邪榜 / 琅琊榜
    Chinese TV < Nirvana in Fire / 琅邪榜 / 琅琊榜 >
    Stars:Hu Ge / Liu Tao / Wang Kai / Chen Long / Victor Huang / Jin Dong / Gao Xin / Zhang Yanyan / Zhang Lingxin / Wang Ou / Zhou Qiqi / Wu Lei /

    Mei Changsu (Hu Geshi) in the arena, but the emperor a chariot. Rivers and lakes rumors: Jiangsa Mero, the unicorn's only, to get the world." As for "the alliance" the best in all the land of the princes, "Su Mei Long Mei Lang" in the name of known lakes. However, there are rivers and lakes supreme status of Chang Mei Su, is a sickly young and fragile, burdened with the 10 years before the great injustice and hatred, even the story behind the hidden huge secret. Originally, twelve years ago, South beam chase years, part of the Northern Wei Dynasty to the south, Red Army Marshal Lin Shu father expedition, rate of 70000 soldiers to fight the enemy, unexpectedly 70000 soldiers by crafty frame wrongfully buried bone Meiling. Lin Shu from the gates of hell to pick up back to the remnant life, after the loss of a loved one, cut bone disguise the pain, the incarnation of the first big help South of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River Union Leader Mei Long su. Twelve years after Mei Long Su under the guise of rest and recuperation of the machine, by the white body return to the Empire, embarked on revenge, Xueyuan and entropy. Facing the engagement neon Huang Princess (Tao ornaments), old friend Jing Wang Wang Kaishi and used to be familiar with all, he can only silently forbear with everything, seemingly inadvertently, sick of the footer to hand off ghost wave Jingtao, climb the King Ming help Junjing throne, 70000 ChiYan loyal revenge the stigma. However due to Emperor Liangwu old age dizzy governance, chaos within the territory of the Southern Dynasties, has on behalf of the Northern Wei Dynasty standing of the Eastern Wei took the opportunity to part of the south, North Korea, temporarily and unexpectedly has no one to lead troops. For the solution of the national calamity, Mei Long Su regardless of physically sick, resolutely a bundle of battle, only three months time, lead beam forces in one fell swoop pacification of the Northern Territory Langyan, beam to peace and stability. While Mei Changsu, also tried a little effort last long, ended his life on the battlefield.

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