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Yu Wang Bao Mu / 欲望保姆

Yu Wang Bao Mu / 欲望保姆

Actors:Liu Jieran / Yu Bin / Shen Xin /

Category:Story Director:Unknown

Year:2014 Updated:2017-04-06 16:15:08 

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Story about: Yu Wang Bao Mu / 欲望保姆
    Story movie < Yu Wang Bao Mu / 欲望保姆 >
    Stars:Liu Jieran / Yu Bin / Shen Xin /

    Zhang Pan carries on the city vision of life, from one of the three line of the city came to Beijing to travel, find a good job, from the bottom of the nanny, but again and again in the landlord rent reminder phone, Zhang Na felt hitherto unknown despair. Look at yourself this less than twenty square meters of underground chamber, her tears, decided to embark on another road. My young brother to her, through the door, he saw his sister in Beijing survival skills......

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