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Original Sin Sex / 원죄적 정사 / 原始性犯

Original Sin Sex / 원죄적 정사 / 原始性犯

Actors:Min Joon / Junmai / Irina / James /

Category:Horror Director:palseok /

Year:2014 Updated:2017-03-27 20:01:11 

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Story about: Original Sin Sex / 원죄적 정사 / 原始性犯
    Horror movie < Original Sin Sex / 원죄적 정사 / 原始性犯 >
    Director:palseok /
    Stars:Min Joon / Junmai / Irina / James /
    Storyline:Sets out on a part-time job with a pension ipjusik poor college summer break CC is a gyeonghwan and Eun Sook. However, starting with the first murder in the summer due to the part-time pension owner who thought only pleasant memories of when. The wind started to pervade into blood can not get outside, holding back the truth eolhimyeonseo misunderstanding and mixed indiscriminately slaughter river managers con myoryeong Russian model Irina implementation of the party and hang out with the finish on the pension. Beyond the imagination of ordinary people was very plain and birit avoid slaughter group.
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