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Jie Hun Qian Gui Ze / 结婚前规则

Jie Hun Qian Gui Ze / 结婚前规则

Actors:Ma Su / Sha Yi / Li Naiwen / Liu Yuqi / Xu Di / Ma Shuliang / Yang Qing / Wang Yuqi /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2014 Updated:2017-02-23 21:17:54 

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Story about: Jie Hun Qian Gui Ze / 结婚前规则
    Chinese TV < Jie Hun Qian Gui Ze / 结婚前规则 >
    Stars:Ma Su / Sha Yi / Li Naiwen / Liu Yuqi / Xu Di / Ma Shuliang / Yang Qing / Wang Yuqi /

    Ou less Jie and Jiang Chuer met in the gathering of friends, the same. "Let them impulse fit in easily with, two people immediately flash marriage. But two people awake after facing married ironclad facts blacked out, both parents also blasted the pot. Two people in the parents under the guidance of friends decided to "hidden marriage" trial for a period of time. Ou Shaojie focus on career, Jiang Chu life stress. Along down, Ou Shaojie several have announced married impulse. Jiang Chuer also found himself in order to European Shaojie changed a lot. There is a call left pure girl, has changed the original has tended to track hidden marriage life. Ou Shaojie immersed in an affair with left pure, Jiang Chu is the former boyfriend placed as "spy in the next European shaojie". Finally, the relationship between the four individuals was revealed, Ou less Jie Jiang and Chu divorce agreement. After the divorce, Ou Shaojie business suffered heavy losses, Jiang Chu not hesitate to sell the marriage room to help Ou Shaojie. Once the face of contradictions of the marriage room, two people once again feel the warmth of each other.

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