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Say I Love You / 勇敢说出我爱你

Say I Love You / 勇敢说出我爱你

Actors:Mike He / Alice Ko / Hong Shi /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2014 Updated:2017-01-31 21:55:44 

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Story about: Say I Love You / 勇敢说出我爱你
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Say I Love You / 勇敢说出我爱你 >
    Stars:Mike He / Alice Ko / Hong Shi /

    "Say I love you" is full of laughter and tears of entrepreneurial love comedy brave, by Mike He and Alice Ko as the leading actor and actress, producer Hu Ningyuan happy said: "Alice Ko has a girl next door traits, even I don't watch idol boy friend, but the theatre because of her; and Mike He, now thirty years old, sanshierli men, I hope he makes another appearance, give a person more not the same feeling." Mike He as Shi Peiran, he is a bit down on love single father, relying on its own management manual and daughter pizza lived a comfortable no happy day care. Although he is not the first time "when the father", but this time try to "past life lover" perspective, showing a more sweet father and his daughter, producer Hu Ningyuan also revealed that the "courage to say I love you" in the Mike He no car, no money but not sentimental, let him from the "tall, rich and handsome handsome" become uninhibited gentle dad, he said: "I have asked the United States (Mike He) your suit is not greasy? This is to let him wear out GA, beard in the play, don't see him in vain the net net, he said as long as two days without shaving will grow thick beard, quite man, in addition, the design of his life on his daughters, therefore, is a decadent style soft." Recently, Mike He and daughter fruit (Wu Ruoxuan decoration) together with the "courage to say I love you" film set installed according to see, a lovely daughter, Ke Mio Mike He immediately turned the metrosexual man father, gentle soothing nervous shy fruit, soon, she unloaded the heart, two people soon play one piece, Mike He exhibition arm swept her up to play "flying high" game, make her be overwhelmed with joy. Alice Ko plays Chen Yijun, she is thirty years old Cougar North light from the country to fight, suddenly face unemployment and brokenhearted, just surprised feel oneself besides age win several years and the name "Chen Yijun" is the name the first name, other what all input, began to face their own problems. Producer Hu Ningyuan said: "the law of the jungle of the society, the church girl with indifference and reality to protect themselves, I feel good yan can complete the interpretation of the new era of women in the workplace, in the face of marriage, family issues, find what they really want to dream."

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