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Poppy / 罂粟

Poppy / 罂粟

Actors:Dai Yucheng / Yue Hong /

Category:Story Director:He Fan /

Year:1994 Updated:2017-04-06 11:32:35 

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Story about: Poppy / 罂粟
    Story movie < Poppy / 罂粟 >
    Director:He Fan /
    Stars:Dai Yucheng / Yue Hong /

    The fundamental writer Su Tong's novel "the poppy family" adaptation. Yue Hong played a poor woman in the film, to work for many years not at home the husband outside when young, a shoulder up the family, later was engaged in selling the business of wealthy like poppy. Maple Village landlord heavy grass become drug addicts, and obsessed with the widow of martensite. Markov like young farmer Chen Mao, and Chen Mao in the heavy grass arrangement, and seven Chiam too I borrow. Chen Mao is between Markov and Cui flower difficult trade-offs, but choose to leave...

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