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In A Good Way / 我的自由年代

In A Good Way / 我的自由年代

Actors:Mann Weng / Li Guoyi / Kirsten Ren /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2013 Updated:2017-02-01 14:52:14 

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Story about: In A Good Way / 我的自由年代
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < In A Good Way / 我的自由年代 >
    Stars:Mann Weng / Li Guoyi / Kirsten Ren /

    Three li, et Friday following the Chinese drama "is to you love me", launched in 90's campus story "my freedom" in the interpretation of the passion and yearning for freedom, the young atmosphere, rendering the series 90's retro, campus location at Centre College shooting, the other in the clothing also very fastidious, will return to the popular, the play with Bobby Chan, Zhang Aijia, Chang Csun Yuk, the singer's music, interspersed with the arouse the audience to the 90's memory.

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