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Who is the true hero / 谁是真英雄

Who is the true hero / 谁是真英雄

Actors:Xiao Shenyang / Wang Gang / Gao Ren / Wang Jianing /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2013 Updated:2017-02-10 01:17:15 

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Story about: Who is the true hero / 谁是真英雄
    Chinese TV < Who is the true hero / 谁是真英雄 >
    Stars:Xiao Shenyang / Wang Gang / Gao Ren / Wang Jianing /

    The drama as the main line to the city well little Japanese legend, supplemented by the Communist Party, the Kuomintang, between the traitors, bandits and the Japanese aggressors contradictions and wits, portrays the characters one by one full of patriotic sentiments, lay down one's life for justice and Japs Sike, the performance of the Chinese children one mind, protect our homes and defend our country against foreign aggression, national spirit.
    The story happened in nine one eight after the incident, in the face of national subjugation, look forward to of heroes, the protagonist Jia nine in an old tavern, wine Zhuang, bile, everywhere in the city with "kill bonobos make", a wine mad finally draws a great disturbance. Since then, Jia nine had to move in Japanese, bandits, the Kuomintang regulars and the team, just an ordinary people have no consciousness to embark on the road against Japan, a small figure became a resistance fighter under various coincidence, an offbeat heroes!

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