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The Queen's birth / 女王的诞生

The Queen's birth / 女王的诞生

Actors:Cheryl / Eric Suen / Cai Shuzhen / Johnny Lu /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2013 Updated:2017-02-06 20:14:00 

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Story about: The Queen's birth / 女王的诞生
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < The Queen's birth / 女王的诞生 >
    Stars:Cheryl / Eric Suen / Cai Shuzhen / Johnny Lu /

    In the old model of Tang Meibao (Cheryl decorated) life its loopholes appeared one after another., a baby abandoned by its mother, with amnesia is becoming more and more serious babysitter grandma (Wu Min decoration) together, unworthy brother always poke baskets and keep her company Boss, look at fiercely as a tiger does to her surrender, things will go when she was burning to, disguised as Denis Feng Mingtai (Eric Suen decoration) into her life. Because, a house. Grandma waiting house, affecting two people the future. The eldest son is Gang group wants to usurpations, Ming Tai in Huairou policy, the two brothers bet who will be the first to get the treasure house, who is the winner! Ming Tai busy don't goof, hurry to buy a house; MEBO busy to money, do not be terminated. Two completely different worlds of people, stick to his own corner clash, but accidentally hit a spark of love. Supermodel Judy (Cai Shuzhen decoration) fame is, Ming Tai is her only challenges, love is the Achilles heel, she will face, for lining moves in MEBO, Ming Tai, said to be the devil, but also can be said to be a naughty angel, splashing the Mars, and Mabel plum bamboo horse - Yang Rui (Lu Siming decoration) and dreaming of a married into the giants let die - Du Xiaowei (Lei Selin decoration)...

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