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The bright life / 璀璨人生

The bright life / 璀璨人生

Actors:Peter Ho / Li Qin / Kan Qingzi / Zhang Xunjie /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2013 Updated:2017-02-10 01:17:14 

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Story about: The bright life / 璀璨人生
    Chinese TV < The bright life / 璀璨人生 >
    Stars:Peter Ho / Li Qin / Kan Qingzi / Zhang Xunjie /

    Strong personality, kind and lovely civilian girl Yu non met to live an extravagant life, proud and arrogant rich daughter Ye Lin, and became a close friend. Inadvertently, Ye Lin found her fiance chapter Hefan fondness for non. Originally, when more than non accidental rescued by gangsters who arrested hector. Since then, he who is of non unforgettable. Never say die Ye Lin think all of this is more than the non fault, decided to use the remaining non childhood sweetheart boyfriend hit Yuyang, non. But when they came over non - and Ye Lin is half the mystery of life. A few years ago, more than non mothers reported "seize husband" enmity, will still in their infancy and non and Ye Lin exchange.

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