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AwfullyLawful / 熟男有惑(粤语) / 熟男有惑 / 法网嚣雄

AwfullyLawful / 熟男有惑(粤语) / 熟男有惑 / 法网嚣雄

Actors:Roger Kwok / Selena Li / Sharon Chan / Joyce Tang /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2013 Updated:2017-01-24 19:07:19 

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Story about: AwfullyLawful / 熟男有惑(粤语) / 熟男有惑 / 法网嚣雄
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < AwfullyLawful / 熟男有惑(粤语) / 熟男有惑 / 法网嚣雄 >
    Stars:Roger Kwok / Selena Li / Sharon Chan / Joyce Tang /

    One to 40 years, work has been very much at home, life can be very easy, but whether this spend remaining years? The four lawyers, Roger Kwok, Johnson Lee, Cao Yonglian, Pal Sinn, they simply regarded lawyers work as a tool to make money, the most critical life fun, but lawyers in this work needs to face justice, humanity and responsibility, thus became the contradictions and conflicts they face.

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