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Tiramisu / 恋爱行星

Tiramisu / 恋爱行星

Actors:Nicholas Tse / Kar Yan Lam / Eason Chan / Candy Lo / Vincent Kok / Kenneth Yuen /

Category:Love Director:Dante Lam /

Year:2002 Updated:2017-04-11 20:03:44 

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Story about: Tiramisu / 恋爱行星
    Love movie < Tiramisu / 恋爱行星 >
    Director:Dante Lam /
    Stars:Nicholas Tse / Kar Yan Lam / Eason Chan / Candy Lo / Vincent Kok / Kenneth Yuen /
    Storyline:Fung is a delivery boy who has several chance encounter with Jane. A budding relationhip between the two is rapidly established, but when Jane is suddenly killed in a car accident, it seems as if it is all over. But Jane's dying wish, to see the dance competition she would have been in, comes true as she is given seven days to "live" within Fung's body. But when she must finally leave his body and leave Earth, Fung decides to follow her into the underworld where she will spend all of eternity. But will the guards of the underworld allow him to prematurely end his life, in order to be with his love?
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