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Family Ties (TV) / 가족의탄생 / 家族的诞生(电视剧)

Family Ties (TV) / 가족의탄생 / 家族的诞生(电视剧)

Actors:Lee Gyuhan / So-yeon Lee / Chae-yeong Lee /

Category:Japan Korean Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2013-05-21 21:57:04 

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Story about: Family Ties (TV) / 가족의탄생 / 家族的诞生(电视剧)
    Japan and Korean TV < Family Ties (TV) / 가족의탄생 / 家族的诞生(电视剧) >
    Stars:Lee Gyuhan / So-yeon Lee / Chae-yeong Lee /
    Korean drama "Family Ties " because his father died around that he is adopted an orphan after the fact, and adhere to the left to take care of the family of Li Xiujing (Yi So-Yeon decoration ) and spread out, it will bring the audience and warmth.
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