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Akutou SP/ あくとう / 恶党SP / 悪党

Akutou SP/ あくとう / 恶党SP / 悪党

Actors:Hideaki Takizawa / Kie Kitano / Keiko Toda / Jun Kaname / Masaki Suda /

Category:Story Director:Masaki Nishimura /

Year:2012 Updated:2012-12-02 20:53:52 

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Story about: Akutou SP/ あくとう / 恶党SP / 悪党
    Story movie < Akutou SP/ あくとう / 恶党SP / 悪党 >
    Director:Masaki Nishimura /
    Stars:Hideaki Takizawa / Kie Kitano / Keiko Toda / Jun Kaname / Masaki Suda /
    Storyline:SP Sun Fuji TV drama Autumn 2012
    In the police-yuan, now (Hideaki Takizawa) Shuichi Saeki is a detective office detective Hope, had been asked to follow-up study (Kaname Jun) Y. Sakagami-origin man was a reformatory. His client, the husband and wife eleven years ago, his son was killed by the man. It was a special investigation - I want you to judge the man who killed your son that you have to live now what should I forgive the man, or should not be forgiven. But had been ordered from (Keiko Toda) Someya director of general affairs and Kogure (Tetsuya Watari) for the financial difficulties of the office, the Saeki, was found about the feelings of a couple who were killed son hurts. Also Saeki, fifteen years ago, because he has lost the beaten favorite sister. On my birthday, my sister went to buy a cake, that was attacked on the way home. Torn uniforms dim deserted house, my sister was no longer work - and to reminisce about their fierce hatred to the offender, not even a little faded even after fifteen years. It is the same (Ren Osugi) Junichiro father. Also became a police disciplinary action, because I had involuntarily from anger with his pistol into the mouth of criminal assault there. A result of the investigation, one week after he told his parents of his client "and I would not forgive" - ​​The tragedy happened. Saeki report, he pulled the trigger of my heart made me a victim of the family.
    Even then, if the request for investigation manhunt warned from bereaved victims. One of them was a young man that you want to keep track of the real mother who sacrificed abandoned the one-year-old brother.
    Three-year-old young man at the time. Confined in a room mother, while watching the corpse of his brother, he survived while gnawing raw rice and magazines in a desperate hunger. Painful for the victims, but when the perpetrators were living happily.
    Meanwhile, to find a man who has been pursuing for a long time. One of the criminals who killed his sister, Kenji Tadokoro management's ramen shop, it was an unforgettable name even if they want to forget. When I was asked how his cabaret familiar of Tadokoro, Saeki, and meet much of hostesses.
    One day, a surprise, I was much more prepared a candle-lit cake and presents. Since the case of my sister, Saeki, I forgot a thing called birthday. His birthday, because my sister's anniversary. But Saeki learned much love pure and straight, murmured involuntarily. Do not be Osamu-chan "" ... Thank you "... in one! Because I'm close to ..."
    Terada's body the next day, was stabbed to death has been found in the riverbed. Terada also, it is one of the trio who assaulted the sister of Saeki. The story of the incident 16 years ago, Terada seems to have threatened the independence in the near field offices. Tadokoro was arrested soon. Two of the criminal who demean a sister, went to hell as entangled. Saeki day that had been stunned - far vacate an apartment, I disappeared -.
    Saeki, Kogure told the detective determined to quit. But Saeki in person from Kogure, ordered an investigation last. Enoki Kazuya surveyed - was the culprit who killed my sister.
    "I'm ... I want Yari kill the soul of this man become the villain"
    Saeki action began telling myself that the ....
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