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~ PRICELESS~あるわけねぇだろ、んなもん!~ / PRICELESS

~ PRICELESS~あるわけねぇだろ、んなもん!~ / PRICELESS

Actors:Takuya Kimura / Kiichi Nakai / Karina / Taisuke Fujigaya /

Category:Japan Korean Director:Masayuki Suzuki / Hirano /

Year:2012 Updated:2012-12-27 23:14:34 

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Story about: ~ PRICELESS~あるわけねぇだろ、んなもん!~ / PRICELESS
    Japan and Korean TV < ~ PRICELESS~あるわけねぇだろ、んなもん!~ / PRICELESS >
    Director:Masayuki Suzuki / Hirano /
    Stars:Takuya Kimura / Kiichi Nakai / Karina / Taisuke Fujigaya /
    Storyline:Takuya Kimura of SMAP to be starring Fuji TV drama series for the first time in two years since the "~ Moon Lovers ~ lover of the month." This work is a rare comedy. And also appeared Kosuke Fujigaya junior Karina and offices. In addition, the TBS was broadcast during October 2011 "Since Antarctica" as a drama series starring Takuya Kimura is the first time in a year.
    After the program is also the first time that the crown of SMAP Kimura is also a member, there is also a special live broadcast is also a regular program of "SMAP × SMAP".
    Fumio Kindaichi had endeared from subordinates from the boss. Due to changes in feelings of someone there will be dismissal companies suspected of being a washout sensitive information inside the managing director has, suddenly, lose, he like that, the room of the home is the only means of communication where you live to explode it washed away in the river fly to beat the mixture with a man even mobile phone is.
    Reaffirm the importance of money by and meet brothers live strong and you will need to start over again from scratch by continuous calamity lasted, even if placed in circumstances similar to Kindaichi in into life situations destitute I will be.
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