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Game of Death  / 死亡游戏

Game of Death / 死亡游戏

Actors:Bruce Lee / Colleen Camp / Dean Jagger / Gig Young / Tai Chung Kim / Biao Yuen / Robert Wall /

Category:Action Director:Robert Clouse /

Updated:2017-04-08 11:49:12 

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Story about: Game of Death / 死亡游戏
    Action movie < Game of Death / 死亡游戏 >
    Director:Robert Clouse /
    Stars:Bruce Lee / Colleen Camp / Dean Jagger / Gig Young / Tai Chung Kim / Biao Yuen / Robert Wall /

    A martial arts movie star must fake his death to find the people who are trying to kill him.

    kung fu star Lubi Li (Bruce Lee ornaments) encountered a strange accident in the movie studio, fortunately without injury. He favored by the gang leader Blue Dr., blue repeated attempts to blackmail, to win over Lugar into the gang, and even threatened his girlfriend Lu rest complicit. However, soon after, the killer after another raid, Lu is going to go out to take shelter with his girlfriend Korea, but the stab difficult to prevent, in a film shooting, Lu to gunmen Shidi Si hit and severely wounded, so Lu will be counted on to feign death, and during treatment planning the destruction of blue Dr. scheme. A group of blue to Macau attempt to manipulate the gambling profit Lucho dressing up in costumes to sneak into the home of the Blue and wounded blue and a few thugs, Blue began to doubt Roh's "death". Then, the Macao World Karate Competition, Blue sent the master played, Lu's girlfriend arrived at the race track, want assassination Blue revenge for Lu, Lu stopped immediately. After the game, Lu sneak into the players locker room, beat the blue karate champion. Blue to send people to the cemetery investigation of Lu, and finally learned that Lu did not die. Angry blue hijack the Korea command Lu late night point to a cargo hold. Lu with high strength and skill to deal with the culprits, eventually eleven defeated. Lu night rushed to the criminal agency of the blue, decided to catch it. Who knows, laid an ambush in the building of the three master. In order to expand the martial arts scene, its position in the international martial arts, Bruce Lee, invited the Philippines, according to the force Santos to throw the meter known Korea expert, dragons specifically from the invitation cards force Mu Yabu the Road Erjie Baltic port . The Jie Baer 200 20 cm tall professional basketball team's star player, known quite well, one of the disciples is Bruce Lee. Lu and the first floor and the Philippines master test of nunchaku is the essence of the play. Lee and in accordance with force Santos use the same equipment, different style of play, a high level of stick work. The audience dazzled Lu After Fan hard work, through the trials, layer by layer approach, eventually the criminal gangs of the blue Dr. thoroughly crushed. "Game of Death", Bruce Lee and the Philippines master Alex Santos test of nunchaku, as long as two minutes, so you breathless!

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