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Hotel Rwanda  / 卢旺达饭店

Hotel Rwanda / 卢旺达饭店

Actors:Don Cheadle / Joaquin Phoenix / Nick Nolte /

Category:War Director:Unknown

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Story about: Hotel Rwanda / 卢旺达饭店
    War movie < Hotel Rwanda / 卢旺达饭店 >
    Stars:Don Cheadle / Joaquin Phoenix / Nick Nolte /
    Storyline:1962 declaration of independence in Rwanda , both Hutu and Tutsi tribes . contradictory , multiple conflict , the war continued , as the internal factors of the 1994 genocide . April 6, 1994 , the President of Rwanda , the Hutu Habyarimana 's plane in Kigali over the missile shot down, killing all crew members . The event a fuse triggered a bloody retaliation of the Hutus against Tutsis in Rwanda throughout the country . After three months , has about 100 million people were killed, most of them Tutsis . Isolation of the world's media this unknown , and a UN peacekeeping force inaction . However , in this civil war in Rwanda , a Hutu hotel manager called Paul -卢斯赛伯吉纳, but open to the Tutsi warm embrace , he used his inaugural Miller - Collins hotel to protect in Hotel refuge in 1268 local residents , but also not yet cut off the telephone and fax of the hotel to the international community for help .
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