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The Ultimatum / Gemini / 双子星

The Ultimatum / Gemini / 双子星

Actors:Felicia Chin / Nanxing Li / Elvin Ng / Ping Hui Tay / Zoe Tay / Fann Wong /

Category:SG MAS TL Director:Unknown

Year:2009 Updated:2014-08-23 14:33:13 

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Story about: The Ultimatum / Gemini / 双子星
    Singapore Malaysia Thailand TV < The Ultimatum / Gemini / 双子星 >
    Stars:Felicia Chin / Nanxing Li / Elvin Ng / Ping Hui Tay / Zoe Tay / Fann Wong /
    Storyline:Liza Zoe Tay plays the character powerful female tycoons leaves to the morning, she was brought up to worship the father to his father for the learning object. Order to arouse the attention of the father, she was forced to leave everything to be the best self-perfect habits also resulted in her rather heavy mental stress. No intention to participate in the power struggle leaves home at first, seemingly without ambition, but its original mind is the desire for power is a very heavy heart, fond of overriding. Distrust, suspicion heavy heart, she will eventually be what end?
    Liza Fann Wong plays an abhorrence of evil lawyer Fang Song Qiao, rich sense of justice insisted very stubborn, indomitable tenacity, even to the principle at the hurt of the people around. She filled with blood, undaunted by power. And I morning enemies, despite another big hit, but also a gritty defense against it. Her stubborn disposition after the decision does not change the all-conquering stubborn.
    Egelinan star played God of Gamblers Chapter winds and a gambling Zhou. Zhang Feng is an orphan childhood, growing up in an ancient church in Macau. 7 years old, chance encounter a mysterious old man, was received as a disciple, and from learn extraordinary Dushu. He was low-key, stealthy, causing him to a mysterious and legendary image, as we all do not quite understand his origins and background, only a few people have seen his face. He sees the money as nothing, to win the money donated to the poor who need help, to be known as the "God of Gamblers wind. Zhou reached (Ada) addicted to gambling, nothing is gambling. But, like wind and God of Gamblers, not much emphasis on money. His only solution to gambling addiction. He usually lazy, like it cool, but the most hated gambling products bad, he insisted speed connection, and is often under the odd bet, even told him to run naked did. Although the behavior some rogue, but in fact his heart is very important friend and brother. . .
    Tay Ping Hui played a modern thief, Sun Jie, at first seem more cunning intellect, do whatever the law as a nothing. Independent character, a loner, self-sustaining stealing ability, Gao Qiang, consider themselves superior adult. Pride, speaking unflinchingly, that ordinary people are weak. Song Qiao influence before that their conduct is not correct.
    Felicia Chin played a gambling fanatic Sun Min, because she grew up in a family environment and, therefore, have different ideas and general. She did not think that reading, graduation, work, marry and have children is a life the only way. She bent to create their own life, for life-long goal to become the woman God of Gamblers.
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