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Dream back to the Tang Dynasty / 梦回唐朝

Dream back to the Tang Dynasty / 梦回唐朝

Actors:Patrick Tam / Li Qian / Zheng Kai / Like Wang / Shi Zhang / Sui Junbo / Ni Hongjie / Guo Degang / Li Qian Qian Li /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2017-03-03 19:38:09 

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Story about: Dream back to the Tang Dynasty / 梦回唐朝
    Chinese TV < Dream back to the Tang Dynasty / 梦回唐朝 >
    Stars:Patrick Tam / Li Qian / Zheng Kai / Like Wang / Shi Zhang / Sui Junbo / Ni Hongjie / Guo Degang / Li Qian Qian Li /
    Storyline:The Tianhai museum warehouse manager is just simple and honest honest, plain , has crush the generous with the Museum of pure , lovely beauty , museum researcher Bing charge . Despite Bing charge twin brother Li Yu Where as a strong backing , large just prior prepared a wide variety of the confession is still a useless , but was halfway popped an uninvited guest , antique dealer Han Zhengping seize the initiative . The true identity of this multi - gold and handsome your son was actually Zhuantou antiques thief, he is close to the ice load is to steal the precious Tang dynasty relics Tang figurines ! Yu Fan and ice load in a traffic accident in the snatch Tang figurines are a coma the past ... where yu saw in his sleep Wu Zetian To Taizong Li Shimin Offences breathtaking scene but have not yet awake to see the sister woke up after obvious signs of perception . Times to check the books and asked the doctor , Yu- Fan decided to sneak into the dream again , constantly weaving story , wake up sister , then a bloody quietly , startling step by step tour of the palace chambers . Double food seeking Empress Wang to consolidate own position in the harem , the Temple of Wu Mei Niang from the sense of industry back to the Royal Palace . The use of a feast on the chestnuts and duck raw phase grams of dietary principles of poison For poison Wu Mei Niang and blame to the late emperor banished in order to protect the Wu Mei Niang kitchen fatigues the former Jiaofang history YIN Hao . Above the banquet , Wu Mei Niang and Empress Wang successively poisoning , YIN Hao imprisonment , the emperor ordered within three days, be sure to find the perpetrators , or else to be YIN Hao their heads chopped off . Wu Mei Niang , where spring hi unraveling the layers of reasoning one step closer to the truth , the murderer in the end is who ?
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