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Come Home Love (Cantonese) / 爱·回家(粤语) / 爱回家

Come Home Love (Cantonese) / 爱·回家(粤语) / 爱回家

Actors:Liu Dan / Chris Lai / Florence Kwok / Xu Rong /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2012 Updated:2017-02-24 01:15:53 

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Story about: Come Home Love (Cantonese) / 爱·回家(粤语) / 爱回家
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Come Home Love (Cantonese) / 爱·回家(粤语) / 爱回家 >
    Stars:Liu Dan / Chris Lai / Florence Kwok / Xu Rong /

    The sitcom revolves around the Ma family an extended Chinese family living together. Ma Fu (Lau Dan), a retired officer of the Hong Kong Correctional Services, is the patriarch of the family and his traditional and disciplinarian approach to life creates both friction and solutions. The other members of the family are his much younger sister Ma Yau (Florence Kwok), son and daughter-in-law, Ma Keung (Tsui Wing and Lo Li Chang (Yvonne Lam Yi Kei), their children Ma Tse Yan (Joey Law) and Ma Tse Lei (Angel Chiang) and youngest son Ma Chaung (Lai Lok-yi).

    Love to move back to the office of the Correctional Services Department for many years of sloppy ( Dan ornaments ) retirement home ( TVB Drama) living with his son , still used to guard prisoners of law governance families and due to the careless , modeling ( 4 ) youngest son of Ma Zhuang ( Li Nuo Yi decorated ) home is like jail , and even his law firm 's work is often interference by the father , both father and son disputes the day, sandwiched in between two Gema ( Xu Rong ornaments ) and his wife, Laurie Chang ( Lin Yi ugly ornaments ) In addition to act as a facilitator , but also to bear the burden of raising brother left the next children , plus a 13 - point aunt Ma soft ( Guo Shaoyun ornaments ) ; Ma family, three generations under one roof , due to different encounters , experiences and values ​​, so that the original warm small family ambush with inexplicable grudge can really fill the gaps from all hearts , and in the end what ......

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