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Endless Love / 爱∞无限 / 爱无限

Endless Love / 爱∞无限 / 爱无限

Actors:Willber Pan / Rongrong Zhang / Lin Youwei / Jutani Nami / Wang Menglin /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2010 Updated:2017-01-31 21:55:11 

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Story about: Endless Love / 爱∞无限 / 爱无限
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Endless Love / 爱∞无限 / 爱无限 >
    Stars:Willber Pan / Rongrong Zhang / Lin Youwei / Jutani Nami / Wang Menglin /

    We believe that, at the other end of the red line, lived a decreed by fate of love......
    Everyone has heard the story of matchmaker relationships, but...... You believe that story? Legend, as long as the matchmaker in the two pinkie attached to a red line, the couple is destined to be married. But, once get together with a red line, is it possible to cut off? May reconnect? This answer...... Perhaps from the start with a red line......
    Liang Jinghao, influential man, Department of physical education of school Nagaai Jun, cheerful personality, is the big boy love for everyone, although there are a lot of girls take the initiative, but Liang Jinghao was not the girlfriend to. Because of busy life, so that he had no money and no time to go to a girlfriend. In order to raise the father of medical fees, nursing fees, living expenses and tuition and so on, Jing Hao as usual in downtown stall, suddenly met police banned! Jing Hao into the cart alleys to evade capture, but in the process of hook the roadside a bad girl of red skirt! In order to compensate for the girl's skirt, King Haoxian use pay care costs, did not think of a fire but let a person to stay at home dad!

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