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Some Day  / 天天天晴粤语

Some Day / 天天天晴粤语

Actors:Wayne Lai / Teresa Mo /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Ceng Lizhen / Xu Yuan /

Year:2010 Updated:2012-12-04 10:31:57 

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Story about: Some Day / 天天天晴粤语
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Some Day / 天天天晴粤语 >
    Director:Ceng Lizhen / Xu Yuan /
    Stars:Wayne Lai / Teresa Mo /
    Storyline:Yesterday Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai, Louise Lee, Wang Xiji Kristal Tin and others attended wireless new situation play " day fine " the opening act of worship, Mao said the sister will be her last TV series, after heavy cast film and more time to take care of the family.
    Play the role of jewelry designer hair sister, with Cheung Tsai continues " off Pedder " feelings show, she said: " it is again, the last time the audience was looking forward to us, so this time will be sweet, will also strengthen the sense of comedy. " Mao Jie thought that this was her last show, she said: " TV play to my vanity is enough, even a " Bi " play three hundred and forty sets, has spanned three years time. " Hair sister says to will focus on film and family, she said: " acting has always been my occupation, but do TV too close to ignore family, my girl two or three years after going abroad to read the University, I still want more time with the little girl, actually filming TV drama is very hard. " Cheung Tsai to promote " rosy business 2 " and later joined, but the first in video form let him appear. Cheung Tsai said: "I have to shoot 2 main " women ", so " day " play not having too much, I hope can quickly join, because take situation play just like the feeling of falling in love is as easy. "
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