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Lord of East Mandarin / 岁月风云国语

Lord of East Mandarin / 岁月风云国语

Actors:Damian / Ron Ng / Raymond / Jessica / sheshiman /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2017-02-01 16:05:33 

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Story about: Lord of East Mandarin / 岁月风云国语
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Lord of East Mandarin / 岁月风云国语 >
    Stars:Damian / Ron Ng / Raymond / Jessica / sheshiman /
    Storyline:This is after a family and everything , the joint efforts of the entrepreneurial story : Big Brother Hua Wenhan painstaking efforts in Hong Kong in the steel mills for years , because a wrong investment strategies facing corporate liquidator ; younger brother Huawen Hong engrossed in a car engine independently developed , hope able to create the car of the Chinese people themselves , but because foreign capital injected into the depot facing the dream was shattered ; third brother, Hua Wenshuo has been the refuge of man-hon , a chance opportunity to make him a network Nova , but in the end because the stock price plummeted heavily in debt ... Chinese troubled Chinese family ancestors dream to create its own car brand traction with three brothers and their Xia Yibei young people come together . The painstakingly Chinese family finally set up the depot ─ ─ China Zhe . However, due to lack of funds , technology is immature and ferocious competitors , so that every step of the Chinese Zhe growth of all the twists and turns ...
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