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Millennium Actress / 千年女优

Millennium Actress / 千年女优

Actors:Hill the jasmine America / Iizuka Zhao / discount enterprises Fumiko / Shoji Miyoko /

Category:cartoon Director:Unknown

Year:2001 Updated:2017-03-29 21:30:44 

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Story about: Millennium Actress / 千年女优
    cartoon movie < Millennium Actress / 千年女优 >
    Stars:Hill the jasmine America / Iizuka Zhao / discount enterprises Fumiko / Shoji Miyoko /
    Storyline:60 -year-old Tachibana source and the 28-year-old photographer Ida Christine two travel long distances to hell and high water home to visit the seclusion of a generation of movie stars Fujiwara Chiyoko , to give her a shot of a lifetime autobiography documentary . Sections come Chiyoko has community 75 years old , but still elegant and beautiful , iconic small mole under the left eye is still playful . Tachibana hands handed him a key , Chiyoko deeply shocked , said the key to open a secret key , when she accidentally lost today actually can come back to the hands . The Chiyoko thoughts flew all the way . September 1, 1926 , Chiyoko Fujiwara birth, her juicy handsome 16 - year - old was scouts to explore , however, until the case of a painter , she saved him in troubled times , hidden in their own warehouse , giving her a key , this is the key to open a secret , and promised reunion with her ​​and then took her to see snow in Hokkaido . Chiyoko the next day after school to go home painter escape chase flee away . The Chiyoko Since into the film , just because the artist finally said he would go to Manchuria combat , while the first film, promised to Manchuria viewfinder . Since then, the the Chiyoko screen career began, shooting on behalf of Japan's Warring States period , the shogunate , Taisho and Showa and other four different periods of era love story . In each story , Chiyoko on the run , and search for his true love . Scene with her own story blend together, the actual situation is difficult to distinguish . Tachibana and Ida followed by the ground , sometimes into the story characters . In an earthquake , Chiyoko lost keys, discouraged her to marry has been pursuing her director Otaki . However , later she found that everything is a scam, a well- planted Chiyoko a clear understanding of the facts are determined to continue to find their own girlhood love .
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