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Love for All Seasons / 百年好合

Love for All Seasons / 百年好合

Actors:Sammi Cheng / Louis Koo / Li Bingbing /

Category:Comedy Director:Unknown

Year:2003 Updated:2017-03-31 20:47:37 

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Story about: Love for All Seasons / 百年好合
    Comedy movie < Love for All Seasons / 百年好合 >
    Stars:Sammi Cheng / Louis Koo / Li Bingbing /
    Storyline:Hong Kong Regal Hong Feihu (Louis Koo) is a well-known playboy , but recently got a strange disease , medical invalid repeated in Hong Kong , a friend introduced remote tour to the Mainland Emeishan seek medical attention . Emei School of temporary head of extinction (Sammi Cheng ) martial arts, skillful, knows the Tiger is a Playboy deliberately outlandish medical treatment for him , is in fact the opportunity to tease Tiger . Until one day , the Emei head of the Big Sister Mochou back to Emei Daughter of extinction in order to avoid harming innocent people , rapid medical Tiger , so Tiger to leave as soon as possible , Tiger began to realize that before the extinction in the entire own , with regret the down the back ...Love for All Seasons - Behind the ScenesSurreal has always been the Chinese film market such thing as a movie " Love For All Seasons " is one of the 2003 Lunar New Year film . Directed by Johnnie To singh in recent years Surreal seemed quite interested , after the previous year , " Wu Yen" and last year's "Fat cushions cracking cushions New Year's wealth" launched in three New Year Movies . The story of the film is very interesting , has been hailed as a fashion show " of the martial arts , each episode paragraph almost wore stuck jokes , quite nonsensical that several fighting Although it is very beautiful , but also worth and enjoy looking at . The entire film in addition to filming in Hong Kong also went to the Mainland Emei Mountain , the beautiful mountain scenery unparalleled , is also the film 's one big ...
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