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Swordsman [ Jackie Lui ]  / 笑傲江湖【吕颂贤】

Swordsman [ Jackie Lui ] / 笑傲江湖【吕颂贤】

Actors:Jackie Lui / beam Fiona /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:1997 Updated:2017-02-14 14:40:44 

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Story about: Swordsman [ Jackie Lui ] / 笑傲江湖【吕颂贤】
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < Swordsman [ Jackie Lui ] / 笑傲江湖【吕颂贤】 >
    Stars:Jackie Lui / beam Fiona /
    Storyline: Mountain Pine disciple Linghu naturally open-minded and uninhibited , courageous man . Red entering the the Huashan martial average , case of Jianzong expert Feng Qingyang grant to Dugujiujian , accident understand to the Wuyue a Jianpai sword essence of , and thus aroused the suspicions of the Master Yue Buqun , excuse driven out of the door division . In fact , the Yue Buqun surface integrity , the heart is very treacherous , scored a stunning secrets " evil spirits Jianpu design phase killing of martial arts factions word actually , only the final Frankenstein , while red is removed excel " Xixingtaifa , " as Hengshan, head of the faction .
    Chong since childhood, and no group of women Lingshan fall in love, surprise, Ping Lin , Hong Shan switch its embrace . Rushed to get to know the Sun Moon Sect leader 's only child, Ren Yingying , two people with similar interests , only the red coral failed immersed , the surplus had to sadly leave . Red Shijue love each other, but unfortunately profit body has three corpse brain Shendan dying , what red can resolve the surplus only doom ? Who can get rid of the desire for power struggle, the real " Swordsman" ?
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