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Of  mission of two silent  / 使命2沉默

Of mission of two silent / 使命2沉默

Actors:Translation / Jin Xin Liu Jun Zhang Jia the / Liang day / Zhang Huizhong Zhao Xiaorui /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2010 Updated:2017-01-31 21:55:23 

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Story about: Of mission of two silent / 使命2沉默
    Chinese TV < Of mission of two silent / 使命2沉默 >
    Stars:Translation / Jin Xin Liu Jun Zhang Jia the / Liang day / Zhang Huizhong Zhao Xiaorui /
    tree-lined tune Ren Fuchun Fuan Branch Secretary , the arrival soon received a mysterious phone celibacy go according to the agreement , was suddenly attacked , was stunned in the past . Wake up , original Fuan Branch Secretary , is currently the Deputy Secretary of Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Renda Xiang has come to the branch , to personally conduct the cases overall , tree-lined from his mouth last night after being stunned also found around the a man whose body , according to the man whose body was found on the phone confirmed that this man gave him the phone .
    According to various characteristics of the harbor hatred against the police , the murderer , so the fugitives called Gengfeng Chen into the detection of sight . After investigation a year ago , the Geng Fengchen and brother Gengfeng Jun had usurped the city 's well-known entrepreneurs Yuan Wanchun industry was the major and captain Chen Yunqing Gunn brothers shot and killed on the spot , Gengfeng Chen escape was gone .
    Given the existing situation , the tree-lined set up task force and Lushan police station director Lu Peng , absorbed in, the panel length shall be the President . However, this decision is blocked by all kinds of tree-lined to withstand pressure, Lu Peng, remain in the task force , in accordance with his proposal , the public and pony Zhao absorbed into the task force to . Deadlocked in the hunt Gengfeng Chen to the tree-lined telephone call , said in a statement that they are to be framed , and framed the addition Yuan Wanchun , Starsky scum Renda Xiang , Xu Jinan and Guan Wei , both of them colluded to set a trap . killed Chen Yunqing killed Gengfeng Chen 's brother , took away their industries .
    The tree-lined recovery when Chen Yunqing murder scene proved Gengfeng Chen 's words are true , Xu Jinan Guan Wei has a major suspect . However, Renda Xiang , Xu Jinan , Guan Wei Yuan Wanchun a group of not willing to perish , they cut off all the clues . Shade made ​​a careful arrangements , and finally mastered the irrefutable evidence of their crime , to catch ...
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