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The King of Fighters  / 格斗天王

The King of Fighters / 格斗天王

Actors:UnknownSun Xie Zhi Wang Renfu / Liu products / Zeng Joe / Tang Jiahao / Wei / party Cen / Lo Pei-an /

Category:HongKong Taiwan Director:Unknown

Year:2005 Updated:2017-01-20 16:38:32 

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Story about: The King of Fighters / 格斗天王
    HongKong and Taiwan TV < The King of Fighters / 格斗天王 >
    Stars:UnknownSun Xie Zhi Wang Renfu / Liu products / Zeng Joe / Tang Jiahao / Wei / party Cen / Lo Pei-an /

    introduction the TFKC career fighting game Duan Bridge, addition is seen internationally as the King of Fighters "the Duan Entertainment century corporate darlings know his father and leaves home once the former is fighting enemies, and been regret, and now leaves home has long been declining, the remaining assets "fighting Pavilion" Duan Entertainment century "purchasing, intended to be converted into commercial buildings, and repeatedly urged to force fighting Hall who always hang out, the Yu bridge decided to personally go "processing", this was surprised to find the main hall is actually a fierce and stubborn girl - Ye excellent, she led the boys students where hard support, excellent tough stance, vowing to hang on "fighting Hall", will never come to Yu Bridge where the contrary, excellent widowed head of view, also determines the non-li can not catch up with excellent, in Yu bridge again and again to help , where his father was finally moved by "fighting Hall" to the lease relationship, the construction and demolition of the crisis suddenly lifted, Yu bridge and excellent feelings in each bud gradually.
    However excellent heart has always been a shadow, her father leaves Anda - who won the "King of Soul The King of Fighters, however, before she was born to go into exile, cut off the audio from her memory since she the mother into the torment of depression, her childhood full of bitterness and tears, there is no protection, rely on, like a baby, warm ... some independent, strong defense, tough ... excellent weak mind, planted the seeds of distrust no longer believe that there are a lasting love, but her world forever and ever harm.
    Enthusiasm was the face of more gold, chic suave Yu bridge, how many girls dream of Prince Charming, but excellent, but not laissez-faire own feelings, and would rather bite the bullet "reserved" in the end, she is not afraid of love, but fear love the deep share of the damage can not afford to let this excellent the Yu bridge and distress, but they can not let go, and ambiguous in between the two deeply troubled by pulling ...

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