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Soviet Story / Soviet past / 苏联故事/苏联往事

Soviet Story / Soviet past / 苏联故事/苏联往事

Actors:Andre / Brie / Vladimir / Bukovsky / Norman / Davies /

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Story about: Soviet Story / Soviet past / 苏联故事/苏联往事
    War movie < Soviet Story / Soviet past / 苏联故事/苏联往事 >
    Stars:Andre / Brie / Vladimir / Bukovsky / Norman / Davies /

    "Soviet Story" (Soviet Story) Directed by Xu Na (Edvins Snore) a week ago in Los Angeles, USA Freedom Prize awarded by the Baltic the American Freedom League (Freedom Award), he said in an interview in Toronto on January 30, communism with Nazism, Communism still pose a threat to the world. At the same time, Xu Na, called on the world need to learn the lessons of history, to avoid the tragedy to reproduce. From Latvia, Xu Na is an MA in political science, he spent 10 years doing the investigation, interview witnesses to the collection of materials, to produce up to 85 minutes of the documentary film "Soviet Story" film in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany shooting, France, Britain and Belgium, took 2 years, revealed the former Soviet Union, little-known historical events, and shocking. "Soviet Story" won the 2008 Boston Film Festival public shock Award (Mass Impact, Award), Xu Na as the script author and director, in the week before the visit to Canada, the United States Freedom Prize. After the film is staged in Europe and the United States caused a sensation. The Economist website (THE ECONOMIST The.) "Soviet Story" is described as "clean most powerful antidote", "exciting, courageous, uncompromising". Films revealed main event took place in the great famine in Ukraine, 1932-1933, 1940, Carson (the Katyn) Holocaust the CPSU security sector and the Nazi SS cooperation, Soviet films to download large-scale expulsion of dissidents, as well as the occurrence of drug trials in the Gulag (labor camps). The video has been declassified files show the evil of the Soviet Communist Party and the Nazis had committed the little-known. Such as video shot in a labor camp in Soviet Siberia in 1990, the KGB was there was Laogai people drug test; Nazi video shows the CPSU had helped Hitler launched World War II, helped the Nazis to the implementation of the blitzkrieg. By revealing these historical data, the most notable is the film come to the brutal rule of the Soviet Communist Party and the Nazis is very similar conclusions, that the evils of Nazism has been the world know, but the evil of communism has not been the world a clear understanding and condemnation.

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