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Palace  / 宫

Palace / 宫

Actors:Yang Mi / Tong Liya Feng Shao Feng / the Dressmaking / Ho Sheng Ming / the Sonija / Kent / maggie /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2011 Updated:2017-02-08 10:45:45 

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Story about: Palace / 宫
    Chinese TV < Palace / 宫 >
    Stars:Yang Mi / Tong Liya Feng Shao Feng / the Dressmaking / Ho Sheng Ming / the Sonija / Kent / maggie /
    Storyline: Mainland Yang Mi through the drama "Palace" formerly known as: Palace Lock Heart Jade "original" dreams of the Qing Dynasty, drama Yang Mi plays a modern girl Luo Qingchuan, through to the Qing Dynasty, through the ancient palace life experience something, "Realm of Conscience" and the men and women love, back to reality, more able to cherish the moment. The drama "Palace" story: Department of Archaeology, girls Rockwell Riverside childhood witnessed one where the father Luo Shimei Sujin Liang suddenly disappear in the garden, they grow up, heart, want to crack the mystery. A clean up of the Qing Dynasty princes Cemetery, she was surprised to see Sujin Liang was the treasure box in her hand, ready to study secretly hide, only to be found critical in Riverside will open the treasure box, and suddenly through time and space to the Qing Dynasty, becoming Prince's palace. Riverside clever tongue into the reed want out of the claws, he was the Prince penetrated entangled on the occasion, eighth son came forward to rescue, Qingchuan be out of danger. The eighth son of smug, heroic vitality, on Qingchuan love at first sight, Qingchuan one would like to return to the modern. After a series of failures, she finally accept their fate in the Qing Dynasty. But the eighth son is not her choice, knowledge of history to tell her, only with the future emperor &; Si Age, is the way out. So she walked into the scheming of the palace, with several narrow escape, but because of the wealth of modern knowledge to be appreciated by the emperor. She also saw her have long admired the Si Age, and in order to close his sudden, a lot of jokes. But the court was not her imagination is so beautiful, to the throne, to rivalry, all day staged drama of intrigue. Allow Riverside trust only live in one room in a murderous maids prime words. Prime words this is a beggar, was the Si Age rescue, was sent to the palace where do within the Prince should, Su made a genuine Si Age, but time and again reduced to a Si Age tools. The Qingchuan witnessed all deeply saddened by the behavior of Si Age. Then she found that the Sujin Liang Liang Fei, the eighth son of the mother was actually just crossed. Jin Liang bent back to the modern, busy studying all day, the emperor regarded as the evildoer, living alone in limbo, the Qingchuan often to see her. Contact with the eighth son of Riverside and finally the eighth son of an infatuation move, marry his wife. At this time, Liang Jin back to the modern experiment was a success, Jin-liang decided to Riverside back to the modern, Riverside reluctant to take the opportunity to give the living death of the prime words. Jin Liang and Su words disappear. History according to the track slowly walked on. After a series of struggle, Elder brother ascended the throne, the eighth son, was banished. When the Riverside to face to become the emperor Si Age, I realized that I still loved him, and he also still in love with their own. But she still chose to accompany the eighth son imprisoned. Let Si Age was very angry to strengthen controls on the eighth son of Riverside in order to allow the eighth son have a good day, decided to cross the back to the modern. At this time, because of the departure of the prime words and the pain in the thirteen princes came to see her, she told the secret of his cross. 13 Elder brother accompanied Riverside played a good show, emperor mistakenly thought she was dead, I was still the Emperor that she is putting love searching through Homo habilis different attempts to return to the past, and hope to have the opportunity to do it all over. After returning to the modern Qingchuan know better how to cherish everything we have, and learn to be tolerant of others bearish pros and cons. As she studied the history, while care for a sick father, the occasional street, she met with the eighth son looks just like modern man, love story perfectly staged again. Prime words were here, has been gradually adapted, but the modern materialistic not used, she suddenly remembered from the 13 princes of the tenderness and love, regret came to the modern day one afternoon, she was in the Folk Park doing embroidery, a cooked
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