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Story about《Ai Lai De Gang Hao / 心香女人 / 爱来的刚好 / 爱,来得刚好》
    2016 Year Chinese TV < Ai Lai De Gang Hao / 心香女人 / 爱来的刚好 / 爱,来得刚好 >
    Director: /
    Stars:Dong Han / Jiang Kaitong / Zhang Xiyuan / Wang Wei /
    Storyline:Qing Ling grew up in an orphanage, kind and cheerful helpfulness, she has "absolutely smell", with the smell of perfume sensitive started development work. Qing Ling dreams do perfume to create wealth, orphanages and social returns. In order to achieve the dream of the Qing Ling to advance in all kinds of adversity. In the pursuit of dreams, the Qing Ling got to help Xu Qinglun, Duan Tianlang, Duan Yihua et al., and Duan Tianlang became a pair of quarrelsome lovers from the mutual support of lovers. During this period, the Qing Ling also found family, heavy affection. After many setbacks, the Qing Ling with their own efforts and the support of the people made their own brand of perfume, realize the dream of love.
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